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Issue 106

Debugging layout sizing problems in Flutter

A detailed example on how to find the origin of a layout issue and solve it.

How to Use Shared Preferences to Stored Data in Flutter

Use Shared preferences is for Storing simple data by reading & writing Simple Key-value pairs in iOS & Android.

Flutter tutorial: Implementing a calculator

A tutorial for beginner showing how to create a calculator app.

Using types to improve separation of concerns and unit test easily on Flutter

An example on how using types can help improve your code and make testing easier.

Flutter — How to dismiss keyboard globally

Learn to dismiss the keyboard when the user taps out of a field.

Dart Generators & Callable Class In Flutter

Learn about generators and how to use them to emit data.

Flutter Web: Animations & Dynamic Theming

How to add animations and use dynamic theming on a Flutter web app.

Flutter: Use Google Calendar API — Adding the events to Calendar

How to create events in Google Calendar through Flutter app.

Learning Flutter as an Angular developer, pt. 1.

Some advice for those of your whoe use Angular and want to move into Flutter.

UI Challenge: Piano Tiles in Flutter

A tutorial on how to create a basic clone of the mobile game Piano Tiles 2

Flutter Color Picker | Widget Workshop

building a color picker Widget in Flutter that is used to select different paint colors in an online store.

Flutter Internet Radio using Provider - Series

A whole list of videos showing how to create a Radio app with Flutter.

Flutter multi navigation - Navigation in multi page flutter app

This video explains about how to navigate and maintain state in a multi page flutter app.

#AskFlutter at Flutter Day: Session 1

A video from the Flutter team answering questions about Flutter. There is a second part included in the playlist.

Flutter Firebase Setup for Power Users

Learn to integrate Firebase services like Craslytics, Analytics and others into your Flutter apps.


ListTileSwitch is simple widget that combines ListTile with a switch.


Stories like Instagram or statuses like WhatsApp with the highly customizable stories for Flutter package.


Powerful Complete and Beautiful Search Component for Flutter


Flutter Architecture Blueprints is a project that introduces MVVM architecture and project structure approaches to developing Flutter apps.