Issue 102

Introducing a brand new has a new design with a new scoring system.

Animate a sparkler - Creative progress indicator

A tutorial on creating a sparkle animation on screen.

Boost your flutter development with templates

Learn how to use Android Studio templates to boost your productivity and avoid typing boilerplate.

Conditional imports across Flutter and Web

Antonello Galipò explains how to use conditional imports to compile with diferent libraries for diferent platforms.

Contributing to Flutter: Getting Started

Learn how easy is to contribute to the Flutter repository with this tutorial by Ayush Bherwani.

Creating a Browser using WebViews in Flutter

Great tutorial by Lorenzo Pichilli on how to create a fully functional browser using the WebView widget.

Export your widget to image with Flutter

If you need to save a widget as image, Parth Jansari explains how to do it.

File and Folder structure in Flutter

Some recommendations, tips and tricks on how to structure your project folders.

Flutter Hooks, say goodbye to StatefulWidget and reduce boilerplate code

Flutter Hooks allows to have widgets that change its state without using StatefulWidget. How? Jimmy Aumard explains how to use it.

Flutter: A Better Navigation Using BLoC

How to make your Flutter app navigation stateful so your user doesn’t have to open a new page for every navigation item.

Coding PAC-MAN in Flutter

A video tutorial on how to create an animated pac-man with Flutter CustomPainter.

Flutter Page Indicator

How to build an onboarding page indicator Widget in Flutter that displays a dot for each page, and an indicator that jumps between dots as the user scrolls between pages.

Provider State management - ChangeNotifier + Flutter

An introduction to Provider from scratch.

Firebase Authentication in Flutter

This tutorial shows you how to setup both your flutter app as well as Firebase console to sign up users as well as log them in to your app.


Multi Select Flutter is a package for easily creating multi-select widgets in a variety of ways.


A small karaoke app made in Flutter for Linux


This package is used to highlight, in a completely dynamic way, a keyword, or a phrase, wherever it is present in a specified text.


An equation solving library written purely in Dart.