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Keeping It Simple: Integrate GraphQL and MobX to your Flutter apps

A tutorial about how to architecture your application to access a GraphQL API using MobX

Multi-touch canvas with Flutter

How to create an app with a zoomable canvas and interact with objects in this canvas.

Using MQTT in the Flutter project

This article introduces how to use MQTT connect a client app with an MQTT broker, subscribe, unsubscribe, send and receive messages and other functions.

Build an iOS app without a Mac or iPhone using Flutter

How to build and publish iOS apps without a mac.

Build an interactive 2FA screen using Flutter

How to create a login sequence with 2FA in Flutter.

Building a package to manage lists with Flutter Bloc

How to consume large lists with Bloc and add a filter feature.

Building performant Flutter widgets

How and when call the setState function in order to improve the performance of your Flutter apps.

Flutter Q2 2020 Developer Survey

Results for the Flutter Q2 survey with a focus on code samples, app performance, and writing packages

Search Data In Flutter Using Cloud Firestore

Implementing Search using SearchDelegate In Flutter.

Flutter Interview Questions and Answers

A set of Q&A that can be used for an interview or to test (and improve) your Flutter knowledge.

Dart `late` keyword deep dive: Why there are 2 Kinds of Late in Dart

How to use the late keyword in Dart and the different ways of using it.

Debugging, Building and Deploying a Flutter Web App to Firebase Hosting

How to build a Flutter web application that works with Firebase data and deploy it to Firebase Hosting

Flutter - Get & format Date & time

How to get and how to easily format the current date and time in flutter. A quick tutorial with examples.

Flutter - Custom Zoomable Floorplan

This tutorial teaches you how to create your own custom gesture detector in order to zoom and pan at the same time.

Custom Dialogs in Flutter

This video goes through showing you how to create custom alert dialogs in your Flutter project.


This is a flutter app which have some songs displayed in the form of a list and user can play any of them by clicking on the name of the song.


Inshorts News App Clone with flutter and API


Converts SVG icons to OTF font and generates Flutter-compatible class. Provides an API and a CLI tool.


Package ANAlysis for Dart


The Easiest and the Laziest approach to Flutter SQL Database.