Issue 104

Automating Play Store screenshots in Flutter

Alex-Min shows how to automatize the creation of your app screenshots and the upload to Google Play.

How to run Flutter on an Embedded Device

A guided tutorial by Jeremias Bosch on how to compile and run Flutter in embedded devices.

Flutter game tutorial: Fruit Ninja clone

How to create a fruit slicing game in Flutter step-by-step.

How to implement SSL Pinning in your Flutter App

Increase your app communications security by learning what SSL pinning is and how to use in Flutter.

Flutter — Easily inspecting HTTP Request/Response Payloads and SharedPreferences

An article on how to inspect your app http communications using the Flutter Stheto package.

How to debug layout issues with the Flutter Inspector

Great article by Katie Lee to understand how to use the Flutter Inspector to debug your layout issues in Flutter.

Lessons Learned After Making the First 10 Commercial Apps in Flutter

Łukasz Kosman and Jakub Wojtczak share their experience after using Flutter for 10 commercial apps.

Widget testing when your app needs access to directories

A quick tutorial on how to mock file access when testing in Flutter.

Announcing Rive 2

Rive 2 beta is here! you can join to the closed beta-testing program if you are eager to use it.

These libraries will make you fall in love with Flutter

A quick round of useful libraries for Flutter.

Flutter Desktop Linux app | Build and Publish on Snapcraft Store

How to create and publish a Flutter app for Linux in Snapcraft.

Flutter Speech to Text App Tutorial

This Flutter tutorial will teach you how to integrate speech to text capabilities into your app using your device’s microphone and highlight certain words.

Flutter Web and Slivers

This video demonstrates how to use slivers in Flutter Web.

How to create Dart/Flutter classes like a Pro

If you are still having problems with all the options in Dart constructors this video is for you.

Flutter Circle Reveal Onboarding

How to build an onboarding flow in Flutter that reveals pages by expanding and contracting a circle.

Flutter Gems - A Curated Package Guide for Flutter

Ashita Prasad create this interesting website that helps you find Flutter libraries by categories.


Easiest way to add support for light and dark theme in your flutter app.


A flutter widget for comparing two stacked widgets by dragging a slider thumb to reveal either sides of the slider horizontally or vertically.


Flutter Installer is an installer for desktop Flutter apps built with Flutter


Fleo - A video calling application developed using flutter