Issue 105

Announcing Flutter 1.20: Faster, More Widgets, Improved Tooling

Flutter 1.20 is here! With a lot of new things, like autofill, InteractiveViewer, performance improvements and much more.

Connect Flutter to your Native Android Project

Jan Salvador Sebastian explains how to add Flutter-based screens to your current Android project.

Deploying Flutter iOS apps with fastlane and GitHub Actions

How to automate the ios delivery process, including archiving, code signing, and uploading it using GitHub Actions and Fastlane.

Flutter SliverAppBar: Snap those headers!

Implementing a header with custom snapping behavior.

Flutter Web: Getting started with Responsive Design

How to get started with a Flutter Web project and make it responsive.

How To Use Images In Flutter — To The Point

A guide on showing how to work with images in Flutter.

Importance of Keys in Flutter.

An example on how Flutter Widget Keys could help us to solve some state problems.

Integrate Firebase Crashlytics In Android

Firebase Crashlytics is a must when releasing an app. Learn how to integrate in your Flutter app.

Level up your Flutter apps with autofill

Learn how to use the new and shiny autofill option added to Flutter 1.20.

Managing Flutter State using Provider

An introduction to Provider, one of a plethora of state management solutions for Flutter.

How To Create & Add a Custom iOS & Android App Icon

How to create a mobile app icon from scratch, and then how to configure your flutter app to use it for Android & iOS.

Debugging (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 41)

In this episode, Filip and Fitz are back again, this time looking at debugging. Learn some helpful ways to tackle bugs and some tips and tricks.

Flutter Bloc & Cubit Tutorial

How to to use a lighter version of Bloc called Cubit.

Flutter Facebook Responsive UI Tutorial | Web and Mobile

Learn how to build Facebook's user interface for mobile and web using Flutter.

InteractiveViewer Demo

A tutorial on the new InteractiveViewer widget announced with Flutter 1.20.


A Contextual action bar workaround for flutter


InAppReview has been announced for Android. This plugin allows you to use from Flutter and also for the already existing iOS feature.

Pubspec Assist - Visual Studio Marketplace

Version 2 of the pubspec assist featuring a new YAML parser.